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Endless Candles™ is a trademark that is since the fall of 2019 owned by Peace of Mind Marketing. The company is lead by mentioned organization with Katarina Claesson Greene as the CEO. POM operates as a trading company focusing on import and export between The United States, China and Europe. The company handles all product stages: from product and market research and product development to customs clearance and market launch programs.

Katarina Greene, owner of Endless Candles

The company is run by Katarina Greene, who operates Peace of Mind Marketing LLC, a marketing- and business development firm in Boulder, Colorado, USA with a focus on international retail development. In the initial phase the marketing firm had a sole focus on sports, health and event marketing for non-profits and smaller, local companies.

Our mission in life is to…

Endless Candles simplifies everyday life for everyone, individuals as much as for owners of organizations, who are interested in creating a pleasant and safe atmosphere with the help of candles. Endless Candles is the first, easily accessible, high quality LED candle product on the Swedish market. Endless Candles has a wholesome thought behind the product and concept, always aiming to develop interesting and relevant products for our customer. Our customer service and work style make an ideal situation for customers to collaborate with us.

Our vision one day is to…

Endless Candles aims to be the best manufacturer and distributor for LED candles for interior design in Sweden, followed by the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. Especially when it comes to design, quality and customer service. We want people interested in candles to have a world that is much more simple, budget conscious and environmentally friendly.

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