Customer Testimonials

  • December 2015

    “Hej, fick ett ljus från ert sortiment i julklapp och föll pladask, nu vill jag givetvis ha fler och undrar om det finns någon återförsäljare där jag bor?”

    Annelie Lundh.

  • November 2015


    Tack vare mina Endless Candles känner jag mig " välkommen hem" till stugan på landet och istället för nattlampa har jag Endless Candles på toaletten som lyser upp natten.

    Jag dekorerar mina Endless Candles med band, fjädrar , snäckor, tomtar, stjärnor - årstidsbundna–Endless Candles.

    Jag har även tagit med Endless Candles på jobbet, de räddar julmyset på vår arbetsplats där det är förbjudet med levande ljus! I år blir det en adventsljusstake - ett ljus tändes varje söndag! Till jul lyser fyra ljus och så praktiskt - inget byte av ljus!


    Viveka S..

  • November 2015

    “Några fina citat från en nöjd kund:

    Med kvalite går det som smort
    Endless candles funkar i vått och torrt!

    Var passar inte ett Endless candle?
    Kom du inte heller på något?

    Gick det upp ett ljus nu?
    Jag vet vad det heter!”

    Willy, Sölvesborg.

  • August 4, 2014

    “Butiken Bredvid har under ett flertal år varit återförsäljare för Endless Candles som ständigt ökar i popularitet. Endless Candles naturtrogna, säkra, batteridrivna vaxljus med timer passar såväl i barnkammaren som i utomhuslyktor och i närheten av sällskapsdjur. Vi kan varmt rekommendera Endless Candles.”

    Charlotte Johncke, Butiken Bredvid, Magasin 36 i Höganäs.

  • May 3 2014

    “En flammande låga vid ytterdörren när du kommer hem, ett stämningsljus i badrummet eller mysbelysning när du går och lägger dig om kvällen. Den främsta fördelen med ledljus är både brandsäkerhet – och timerfunktion.”

    Piteå Tidningen Helgbilaga

  • December 2013

    “Endless Candles surpassed our expectations! I thought the lights would look artificial, like an ordinary battery light, but they look like real candles.”

    Lanko Merzoug, 1 utav 5 testpanels familjer i Vi föräldrar Dec nr 2013, 4.5/5 napppar.

  • June 2013

    “Have your Endless Candles in all outdoor candle lanterns. Fits perfectly, then ordinary candles melt in the heat. Moreover, i'm disabled, making it difficult, if not impossible, if I were to go around and turn on and off every night. Therefore Endless Candles Best! Thank you!”

    Lena S

  • March 2013

    “Hello, I use Endless Candles in my glass balconies and bookshelves. Think the lights are great! Do not be afraid that it will take fire! Have recommended to my friends! Thanks for these lights. Hugs, AnnBritt”

    AnnBritt Öhrström

  • March 2013

    “I mostly use candles on a shelf where they harmlessly light up a painting with its soft glow. Good to bring "under the arm" at rumbyte. :)”

    Martha Winberg

  • 8 January 2013

    “Really nice to come home at dark night and see these lights light up my windows. Feels so welcoming, warm and cozy!”

    Irene Strid

  • 18 December 2012

    “Very, very nice and realistic light. Where are these to buy somewhere in the Örebro area?”

    Anneli Hellberg

  • 20 October 2012

    “I love these lights that run by themselves in lanterns and candlesticks and additionally look so real out … I have them deployed everywhere in my house and enjoying the blazing flame … top product!”

    Anki Hammarin

  • 8 August 2012

    “…The lights are gorgeous and fits well when you have animals at home”

    Katalin Derkvist

  • 22 May 2012

    “I wonder where you can buy your pillar candles? I was going to give them to the mom in Mother's Day gift ... she is consumptive and uses oxygen and she loves light … not a good combination.”

    Anneli Larsson

  • 8 February 2012

    “Hello! I got an Endless Candle in my press kit at Formex Fair. An absolutely incredible product that we want to write about in my home.”

    Petra, Frilansjournalist

  • 27 January 2012

    “Would first start by telling you that I was skeptical about the "cheating light" before, but now that I had my a while both indoors and outdoors, I must say that I am really happy! It's a nice shine in the lights and the blinking is believable. Best of all timer! It makes me happy when I see them! Really nice light! Thanks so much!”

    Camilla Edfors

  • 15 December 2011

    “I will look forward to the arrival of Endless Candles in the USA. We do have LED candles in the USA that are similar but they do not have the color and the nice glow of the Endless Candles. The Endless Candles are a much higher quality then what is currently sold in the USA.”

    Mary S., Minneapolis, US

  • 15 December 2011

    “We are a small company that deals mostly with kitchen units, and has a small gift shop. In it, we sell things that belong to the interior. And this would fit so well now for Christmas. I myself have purchased these lights and think they are great, so now I want to share with me. There are many who ask for them.”

    Ingela K, Töreboda

  • 15 December 2011

    “Found the requested candles for last. Have now sold the product to several neighbors … it gets more sales! A very good and realistic light.”

    Ann-Sofie Klamer, Göteborg

  • 15 December 2011

    “Got a copy of the block lights Endless Candles in hand yesterday. Became so interested in these, great Christmas present, go-away-gift of mulled wine-o Advent.”

    Inger Börsbo

  • 15 December 2011

    “A product such as this, in itself, that is risk-free from a fire point of view, is of course very positive for the community. Then it's a big plus that the lights work great and look real.”

    Kristine Tånnander, Friskvårdskonsulent Helsingborgs Brandförsvar

  • 31 December 2010

    “Hi! I have purchased several of your Endless Candles for myself as well as giving away one to my sister as a Christmas gift. After using it she wanted to buy some herself but unfortunately they are sold out in all the City Gross stores. We are very satisfied with your candles and are looking forward to when they are available in the stores again. When looking at your website I noticed that there are several different colors and models, I hope a store will sell these as well. I would love to know when your products would be available in the stores again.”

    Best regards,
    Janet Sandberg

  • 9 December 2010

    “Hi! The candles have been a huge success in our circle of friends—several dozens more has been requested! Too bad they are sold out in most stores but found a few in a City Gross store I passed by travelling for work—Bingo! Please add me to your email list so I can find out when the candles are in stores again. Merry Christmas.”

    Greetings from,
    Rolf G-E

  • 18 November 2010

    “Hi! Not purposely looking for your candle I saw it at the store in Karlskrona. I purchased a few of your larger Endless Candles. Then I bought a few more, and a few more and now I am totally hooked! Now I have lots of Endless Candles and they are so realistic looking. Bought a tea candle from another brand at a different retail chain store and they definitely doesn't look as realistic. There is definitely a difference.”

    Ann-Christine S., Karlskrona.

  • 8 November 2010

    “Hi! We have bought the endless candle and we are super satisfied, so we are planning on buying more. Super smart product and high quality!”

    Katarina Elner Haglund, Technical Senior Editor Plastforum Magazine, Helsingborg.

  • 4 November 2010

    “We have about 10 tables in our cafeteria and we have placed Endless Candles on all of these tables. I think that Endless Candles are perfect: no worries, no need to oversee burning candles, perfect with an integrated timer and very realistic looking!”

    Restaurant Manager City Gross, Höganäs.

  • 16 October 2010

    “Hi! So great to see products like yours in the stores! Looking forward to seeing more of your product line in the stores in the future! At the moment I am enjoying the ones I bought. All the stable lanterns are lit up every night. I gave my mother in law a couple for her lanterns and she was so happy since she loves candles but has gotten a little too old to go outside every night and light candles and then later blow them out.

    Spoke with an interior design store, they agreed with me that your candle is a great sales pitch why not buy a lantern if you are already buying the candle. They also had agreed with your statement that it creates a safe and cozy atmosphere in the store = happy customers, and retail staff doesn't have to light and blow out the candles in the stores every day.”

    Best Regards,
    Angelique B., Kode.

  • 28 September 2010

    “Hi! Endless Candles are being used pretty heavily in my household. Nice not having to worry about if you blew it out or not, that is the best part! Thank you!”

    Kristina V-G

  • 25 August 2010

    “The candle is fantastic—so confusingly similar to a real candle! Just had my daughter and grandchild visiting me. Terrified, my daughter ran up to the Endless Candles, when her son approached it—but everything was of course fine! The candles are truly both nice looking and a smart product!”

    Birgitta N., Malmö.

  • 2 February 2010

    “An innovation on the large scale, just as big of a deal as when then liquid butter entered the market a few years ago!”

    A-K Weinstock, Borlänge

  • 27 January 2010

    “Hi! Just purchased three of your Endless Candles at City Gross—totally incredible! My whole family, siblings and my mother have also purchased several candles. Unfortunately the smallest size was sold out everywhere and I would love to purchase this size as well. When and where can I find it? I am pretty sure other members of our family would like this size as well.”

    Best regards,
    Maria Wiberg

  • 3 January 2010

    “Hi, I have my Endless Candles lit every day, thanks to the timer, in my lantern on the porch. Many people walking by make postive comments! When will you have Christmas candles availalbe in the stores? I am very interested in this.”

    Vivan Nilsson

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