The original product when it comes to battery-powered LED candles on the Scandinavian market. The most realistic battery light with the highest quality and the longest burning time in the market.

Endless Candles LED Candles are exclusively serving wholesale clients with direct import capabilities starting fall 2019. For more information please contact us here.

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Why a battery-powered candle? Not only is it a safe and smart solution, but also:

  • No limits on how close the candle can be placed next to combustible items.
  • Environmentally friendly—reduce residual waste material.
  • Keep burglars away with its built-in timer.
  • Generates no heat or soot, and does not cause a fire hazard.
  • Perfect for mood lights at weddings, parties and holidays.
  • Leave the light on in the bathroom all night without supervision.
  • Withstand moisture and wind and can be used outdoors.

Most of all, create a cozy atmosphere!

Endless Candles LED candles fit perfectly in the following industries:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • County-owned facilities
  • Reception
  • Public spaces
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Funerals
  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • Corporate gifts
  • Advertising
  • Boating / sailing
  • Camping

Endless Candles is also an excellent addition to the following event or opportunity to create the perfect mood:

  • Candles for weddings
  • Candles for baptisms
  • Candles for funerals and cemeteries
  • Candles for corporate and private parties
  • Candles for table arrangements
  • Candles for outdoor decorations
  • Candles for Halloween decorations
  • Candles for Christmas decorations
  • Candles for spas
  • Candles for outdoor events
  • Candles for boats and yachts
  • Candles for vacation cottages
  • Candles for caravans and campsites

Endless Candles LED candle is completely fire-proof and safely produces light without a live flame. Our battery-powered candles come in both moving and still flames. See more of our LED battery candles here.

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“Hi! So great to see products like yours in the stores! Looking forward to seeing more of your product line in the stores in the future! At the moment I am enjoying the ones I bought. All the stable lanterns are lit up every night. I gave my mother in law a couple for her lanterns and she was so happy since she loves candles but has gotten a little too old to go outside every night and light candles and then later blow them out.

Spoke with an interior design store, they agreed with me that your candle is a great sales pitch why not buy a lantern if you are already buying the candle. They also had agreed with your statement that it creates a safe and cozy atmosphere in the store = happy customers, and retail staff doesn't have to light and blow out the candles in the stores every day.”

Best Regards,
Angelique B., Kode.

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